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Heritage cities of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya is one of our top heritage wonders. Please see attach photos taken by one of our recent clients. Built by King Kashyapa,…
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Sigiriya rock fortress, which was called as Sinhagiriya (Lion’s Rock) in the past was built by Sinhalese ancient king Kashyapa (477-495 AD).  This…
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The second oldest ancient proud kingdom in Sri Lanka.  First king of Polonnaruwa is king Vijayabahu I. Places to be visited in Polonnaruwa…
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The Golden Temple of Dambulla – Attractions Sri Lanka

Dating back to the First Century BC, the Golden Temple of Dambulla has been the centre of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus alike…
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Anuradhapura is one of the greatest ancient cities in Sri Lanka. Proud history of Sri Lankans can be still viewed by Anuradhapura city’s…
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Cultural Traingle

Sri Lanka is a land of many wondrous things and our 25OO year written history stands as testament to this. No less than…
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