JourneyScapes – Holidays in Sri Lanka

Why Sri Lanka is so special?

Can you think of any other country which:
Is located right in the middle of the world, accessible within a few hours?
Has this fascinating and very colourful culture and an incredible mix of races, religion, customs? Has always smiling and friendly people?
Has perfect tropical weather year- round?
Sri Lanka is the unique country which is the answer to the every question above and Holidays in Sri Lanka gives you the best vacation experience.

And Sri Lanka is the most bio-diverse island of its size in the world with many other attractions such as,

  • golden sandy beaches
  • cascading waterfalls
  • proud ancient city ruins
  • beautiful mountains
  • green pastures
  • rain forests
  • scrub jungles
  • and many other adventures and wonders.


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Sri Lanka Ancient Cities

Sri Lanka’s entrancing proud history remaining ruins still exists. These ruins are older than 2500 years and still are wonders to the world. Most of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Sri Lanka Ancient Cities inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

Sri Lanka Wild Life

One of the major attractions of Sri Lanka is wild life. For a person who craves for adventures wild life tours, Sri Lanka is the best place.
You will be fascinated and charmed by the sight of great herds of elephants, enormous whales, wild  leopards, dolphins, thousands of beautiful birds and butterflies and reefs with rainbow-coloured fish.

Sri Lanka Wild life National Parks


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Sri Lanka Hotels

Sri Lanka Hotels has a superb range of accommodation from the most basic to the wonderfully opulent. Many of Sri Lanka Luxury villas and hotels are featured in the glamour magazines of the world. JourneyScapes will choose the best for you according to your requirements and budget.
If you want a Luxurious spacious holiday we recommend you the five Star hotels, boutique hotels and villas. If you are going for a budget hotel we offer you three star hotels and two star hotels.
JourneyScapes have close relationships with 95% of hotels in Sri Lanka. So we are confident our rates and deals are unmatched. We have the best Sri Lanka hotel offers for your Holidays in Sri Lanka.


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