Celebrating 5 years of undiminished service by SigiriyaJungles hotel

The Covid Pandemic has brought the entire human community to a standstill and it has been not a pleasant experience for the whole of humanity. We at Journeyscapes adapted to the new norm instantly and continued our journey of offering our best services to our beloved guests, treading each step carefully. But it is not to say that we didn’t have good times. During this challenging time, we had many special events that helped us to keep the flame burning.
One such big moment was the celebration of the completion of 5 years of service by our sister company SigiriyaJungles Hotel in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.

There is around 30 staff that is completing 5 years of service at SigiriyaJungles hotel and in recognition of their loyal service to the company; we awarded them certificates and other gifts. Another significant event is that we donated a library to the Moragaseva Vidyalaya (School) in Habarana with over 500 books. Thanks to Marjorie De Alwis International School who donated racks and shelves to keep the books.

SigiriyaJungle has made a significant contribution towards the upliftment of the local communities that live close to the hotel by providing employment opportunities and by purchasing local materials from the community. There are around 160 families that live in the surrounding villages that benefit from sustainable livelihood.

SigirijaJungle also has built a Sangavasaya for the temple, Sri Dharmawardana Ramaya. The Sangavasaya comprises of 6-bed rooms, 2 washrooms, and a living area with a Dhana Shalawa for the members of the clergy.

Planting over 750 plants on the premises of the hotel, installing sewage treatment plant, reverse osmosis plant, and strategic approach to handle and process food are some of the vital efforts we took to improve the quality of our services to our guests.

For all the efforts we took to improve the quality of our services, we have been rewarded proportionately. We were awarded 3 certifications as follows:

1. The ‘Safe & Secure’ certificate was awarded by the KPMG for meeting the requirements of the COVID-19 Health Protocol. KPMG is an independent auditing firm that offers this certificate after auditing the tourism establishments and service providers to check the requirements of the COVID-19 Health Protocol.

2. ‘The Best of the Best 2021’ certificate awarded by the Trip Advisor
This is Trip Advisor’s highest honor. Based on millions of reviews and opinions from travelers from around the world, this annual award recognizes the very best tourism establishments in terms of service, quality, customer satisfaction, and more, across a range of categories.

3. ‘Loved By Guests 2021’ certificate awarded by booking.com
The “Loved by Guests” awards are based on real guest reviews and experiences in the property and given to hotels that obtain an overall rating of 8.0 and above. This prize is a testament to the extreme level of our guest’s satisfaction

To add to the list, our staff is 100% vaccinated which further ensures our guests’ safety.

All the above accolades and achievements have been a great source of inspiration for us to have faith and hope that soon the world will become a haven for travel and tourism as once was and keep moving forward every day with renewed energy. We are looking forward to those days soon when we can serve you with a difference.

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