Trekking Riverstone Sri Lanka

Riverstone IN Sri Lanka is located near Matale and has a number of trekking routes that cut through the Knuckles forest reserve.

Attractions of Riverstone

  • The forest of Riverston
  • Pitawala Nature Trail
  • Mini Worlds End
  • Sera Ella
  • Bambarakiri Ella

The Forest of Riverston 

The forest around Riverstone is rich in many species of flora and fauna. You will often see many birds, butterflies and a few species of monkeys. The entire reserve is protected and considered extremely important due to the large amounts of life that it supports. Even though there are multiple trekking routes it is always advisable to get an experienced guide to help you navigate through the terrain. Some of the trekking routes do not have barriers so be very careful while trekking up and down the various routes.

Mini Worlds End

Mini Worlds End is also known as Riverstone peak. Mini Worlds End is considered a popular option by most trekkers, mainly due to the 300m sheer drop at the end of the trail.

Pitawala Nature Trail

A beautiful grassland of 250 hectares. The height of the grass is 10 cm. Pitawala Nature Trail takes you past Mini Worlds End.
Every year lot of travel lovers (foreigners and Sri Lankans) visit Riverstone.

Sera Ella

Sera Ella has a refreshing rock pool at the base of it where you can cool off after a long trek. Sometimes, if the water level is not that high, it is possible to trek downriver, up to a few kilometers from the main waterfall. You will find a lot more rock pools and waterfalls during this trek.

Bambarakiri Ella

World’s 299th tallest waterfall. The height of the Bambarakiri Ella water fall is 863 feet.
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