Sri Lanka is a tropical country with a temperature averaging 30◦ throughout the year. This has helped in most cases to build up accommodation units that are nature friendly. Most of the Sri Lankan hotels are architecturally designed to benefit from air circulation and naturally landscaped gardens. Being an environmentally friendly country, most of the hotels, villas and other accommodations for foreign visitors are either single story to maximum three story buildings. Most of the architects have mastered and created beautiful and incomparable living spaces.

Our famous accommodation units could be categorized as hotels, villas and Bungalows on the beach or in locations where there are special attractions. Hill country has autumn weather like Europe and famous for tea in the world. The Tea Planter’s Bungalows is a unique experience in the hill country.

In addition, Sri Lanka is blessed with so much of wildlife as there are over 23 protected wildlife parks in Sri Lanka. This has given the opportunity to have types of camping, glamping and lodges around the national parks.

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