When you entrust your Holiday in Sri Lanka to JourneyScapes, you can be certain that you are in the hands of one of the travel experts in Sri Lanka.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is one of the safest places to travel. The nature of the country and the places that are important to visit, being an Island it is extremely easy for Sri Lanka’s well trained army, navy and air force units to control any situation and provide security.

  2. Have the other countries lifted the travel bans? Yes, every country has lifted the travel ban.

  3. What is the best time to travel Sri Lanka? Any time of the year. However, May and June you will have more rains due to monsoon period in southern part of the country.

  4. I have been to Sri Lanka once.  What are your suggestions for a repeated traveler? There are so many options available for a repeat traveler. Please contact us through our contact us form or send us an email to info@srilankaauthenticholidays.com We are happy to guide you.

  5. How to obtain visa for Sri Lanka? Our online Visa application platform is the “Electronic Travel Authorisation System (ETA Sri Lanka)”, where you will be asked few questions to answer and requested to make the Visa processing fee. It is easy as you log into eta.gov.lk.

  6. How many days should I spend for my holiday in Sri Lanka? 12 – 15 days combined with the round trip and a beach holiday is ideal in order to get the right taste and authentic experience of Sri Lanka.

  7. When is the best time for whale watching in Sri Lanka? From November to end March in every year in south coast

  8. Can I swim with whales in Sri Lanka? No, we do not recommend it.

  9. Can I see mass gathering of Elephants? Yes, takes place in Minneriya National Park. It is considered to be the largest gathering of Asian Elephants in the world. The best time to visit the park for the biggest gathering of Elephants is generally from July to September every year on a Sri Lanka Wildlife safari.

  10. Can we spot lions in a game drive? No, Sri Lanka is famous for spotting Leopards in a game drive.

  11. Where can I spot leopards in Sri Lanka? Yala National Park: Home to the best Leopard spotting game park! This is the most visited and popular National Park in Sri Lanka. It has the highest population density of Leopards.

  12. Is it safe to do safaris with Children? Yes, very safe.

  13. When is the best time to climb Adam’s peak? From the Full Moon poya day in December to Full Moon Poya day in May.
  14. I have never been to Sri Lanka, can you help me? Yes, there are some nice itineraries that we could tailor make for your interests. We can suggest you recommended accommodation, we can let you taste different kinds of authentic cuisines, we can take you to local markets, villages and religious places, we can let you experience public transport, wild life, we can let you meet locals and share some insights and many more. You name it, we will handle the rest.
  15. How do I chose an inbound tour operator / DMC in Sri Lanka to make my next trip? Now a days everybody offers almost same facilities and products. How you look at in distinguishing a tour operator / DMC from the normal cause of operation to a more flexible and a reliable one is to see that the number of years they exist in the industry, the kinds of authentic experiences they offer, recommendations and insights they provide, proper consideration of your requirements and interests, constant communication with you, quality of guides and vehicles they provide…etc.   
  16. How can I have an authentic experience in Sri Lanka? Plenty of ways. To name a few, buy a king coconut (“Thambili” in Sinhalese) from the road side seller to quench your thirst and refresh yourself with this exquisite natural drink, which is native to Sri Lanka. Do not use a straw to drink it, use the traditional way! Grab some tropical fruits alongside the way and fulfill your taste buds. Book a train journey from Kandy to Nanu Oya or Nanu Oya to Ella or vice versa. Eat rice and curry – the main meal of Sri Lankans, who eat rice and curry for the 3 meals of course with variety of spices to stimulate your taste buds. Always ask for less spicy! Visit a local market, where you see people sell fruits, vegetables with loud noise and observe how they do it.

  17. How do I experience Sri Lankan cuisine? There are many local restaurants available on your route of the round trip. Your local guide will recommend you to recommended places to enjoy such meal. In almost every hotel you will find the separate corner for Sri Lankan cuisines. You have choices of having them served to your meal.

  18. How do you assist me in choosing the perfect holiday in Sri Lanka? Please drop us an email or contact us through our “contact us” page with your details and preferences such as number of pax, ages of children, expected travel period and duration of stay, flight details (if available), the type of accommodation you look for (either 3, 4 or 5 star, boutique, Luxury..etc), specific attractions and activities of your choice (if any)..etc and we will present you with the most suitable itinerary to suite your requirements. Thereafter, you may have constant touch with us to refine the itinerary as you wish until you have full satisfaction to confirm the tour with us. With payment terms and conditions, we will then send you the tour confirmation along with the services and hotels as we proposed and your booking with us is perfectly in order.

  19. I want to enjoy a train ride in Sri Lanka. What do you recommend? Yes, the best would be from Kandy to Nanu Oya or Nanu Oya to Ella or vice versa (if you travel from reverse way).

  20. Is it worth doing a train ride in Sri Lanka? Train journey is one of the most popular highlights and it is really worth doing it.