Cooking Experience

Starting from                 :           Sigiriya

Time Duration                :           Approximately 2 hrs

Sri Lankan cuisine is a blend of a vast array of herbs, spices, fish, vegetables, rice, and fruits which has been shaped by many historical, cultural, and other factors. Sri Lankan cuisine mainly consists of many varieties of rice, and coconut, a common plant grown in the country, and seafood.  It has also been influenced by the foreign traders who introduced new items into Sri Lankan food.  Sri Lankan food is similar in many aspects to the cuisine of some South Asian neighboring regions such as Kerala state in South India and also some southeast Asian cuisines.

In the Cooking Experience Day Trip,  we will teach you how to cook Sri Lankan cuisine in interactive cooking classes  in a star class hotel where you yourself can enjoy cooking various Sri Lankan cuisines. We are sure that after this interactive cooking class, you will be able to go back home and reproduce them exactly and surprise your friends and family.

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