Pidurangala Rock

Starting from                 :           Sigiriya

Time Duration                :           Approximately 3 hrs

Meals                            :           Not Included

Pidurangala Rock is a massive rock located in Pidurangala village, a few kilometers north of the historical Sigiriya fort of the Matale District of Sri Lanka. Pidurangala Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple situated on the Pidurangala rock. Pidurangala in the English language means “offered piles of gold”.

The history of Pidurangala Vihara dates back to earlier to the first century BC. It had been used as a Buddhist monastery and became a prominent place during the rule of King Kashyapa during 473 – 495 AC.

It was believed that the temple consisted of ritual buildings such as an ancient stupa, chapter house, image house, bodhighara, preaching hall, sangharama (Bikku Residence Building) and inscriptions with drip-ledged caves can also be seen.

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