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Top diving sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is not only famed for its tea, spices, handicrafts, and blue sapphires but also for great diving sites. Diving sites in Sri Lanka are worth putting on diving clothes and taking the plunge. Sri Lanka has an abundance … Read More


Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has captured the hearts of millions of tourists from across the world with its breathtaking coastal beauty, pristine beaches, spontaneous wildlife, and captivating sunset. Because of the above reasons, it is lovingly called the ‘Pearl of the India … Read More

Visiting Veddas (Sri Lankan aboriginals) in Dambana village, Sri Lanka

  Dambana is a quiet village in the Badulla district close to the city of Mahiyangana. Dambana has a cultural significance attached to it and hence is a famous tourist attraction. The village is popular among tourists due to one … Read More

The Sri Lankan Climate

Sri Lanka enjoys a perennial hot temperature due to its tropical location on the map. The monthly averages lie between 72 °F (22 °C) and 92 °F (33 °C) in the lowlands. The monthly average temperature of Central Highlands falls … Read More

5 Best things you can do at SigiriyaJungles hotel in Sigiriya

Located in Kimbissa, Sigiriya on a picturesque 10-acre land, amidst lush green vegetation, and built as individual chalets, SigiriyaJungles hotel not only provides world-class hospitality, but it also offers you a wide range of activities that you can indulge in … Read More


10 Reasons why SigiriyaJungles Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Sigiriya

There are many restaurants in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka but the restaurants of SigiriyaJungles hotel are one of a kind and top-notch. They stand apart from the rest for the following reasons: The hotel itself is situated in Sigiriya, an amazing … Read More

Ravana Cave

Exploring the caves of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known for its fabulous beaches, majestic mountains, mighty elephants, rare leopards, giant whales, satisfying tea, and rich culture. But lately, Sri Lanka’s unique and adventurous caves have caught the attention of adventure seekers from all over … Read More

On Arrival ETA

Sri Lanka -5th best country to travel in the world

SriLanka voted as the 5th best country to travel in the world in Condé Nast Traveller ‘Readers Choice Awards 2021’More Info

Health Protocol for Arrivals to Sri Lanka Tourism – FULLY VACCINATED TRAVELLERS