Situated on the southwestern tip, 119 km from Colombo, Galle is the provincial capital and largest city of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. 

Dutch Fort Galle

The Dutch Galle Fort is a beautiful monument in Galle. Throughout the years the fort has seen many conquests and has been an important location for trade and defense. Now, in times of peace and independence, the Galle Fort is one of Sri Lanka’s best tourism destinations and boasts some of the world’s best colonial architecture.

Dutch Reformed Church

This church was originally built in 1640 and later renovated in 1752 by Dutch colonizers. It is one of the oldest protestant churches in Sri Lanka. The floor of the church is paved with gravestones from cemeteries that have been known to be used by Dutch people in Sri Lanka. The windows have beautiful murals that are illuminated during sunset and sunrise. This is, definitely a must-visit for travelers that want to experience colonial architecture in Sri Lanka.

All Saints’ Church

This church is considered an architectural masterpiece because of its stunning colonial architecture that comprises magnificent stone columns and exterior built almost entirely out of stone. The church has tall windows that let the sunlight through, illuminating the entire church in the mornings. The church used to be used as a courthouse and the altar was said to be used as a gallows. The transition from an execution room to a house of God is just one of the things that makes this church such a fascinating location.

Old Colonial Houses within the Fort

Many of the houses within the Fort have been renovated to preserve its original colonial architecture. Quite a few of the houses have been converted into sophisticated boutique hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. 

Old Dutch Hospital

On the eastern side of the Galle Dutch Fort is one of the oldest buildings in the area, the Old Dutch Hospital. It was built in the 17th century by the Dutch and then extended by the Britsh, who used it as a barracks. Today, the Old Dutch Hospital is a dainty shopping mall with a couple of restaurants and a pub for travelers to enjoy a refreshing beer after a tour of the Fort.

17th Century Boutique Hotel

Amana Galle is a luxury hotel within the grounds of the Fort, it was originally an old colonial building that was restored to a boutique hotel. The building still portrays a colonial vibe as the architects kept most of the original structure.

Museums of Galle

Notable museums of Galle include the National Museum and National Maritime Archaeology Museum. A lot of Sri Lankan history can be found here.

Other historical places include the Historical Mansion Museum, Galle Fort Clock Tower, Galle Fort Hotel, and the Dutch Government House.

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