Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is located on the west coast close to the historical city of Anuradhapura approximately 188 kms away from capital Colombo. There are approximately 30 species of mammals in the Wilpattu National Park which include the Sri Lankan Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard, Lankan Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer, Buffalo, Sambar and Mongoose.

Some of the wetland bird species found in the Wilpattu National Park are the Garganey, Pin tail, Whistling Teal, Spoonbill, White Ibis, Large White Egret, Cattle Egret and Purple Heron, many species of Gulls, Terns, Owls, Kites and Eagles.

Reptiles and amphibians found are Monitor Lizard, Mugger Crocodile, Common Cobra, Rat Snake, Indian Python, Pond Turtle and the Soft Shelled Turtle.

Wilpattu is home for many species of flora such as Palu, Satin, Milla, Weera, Ebony, and Wewarna.

Though this National Park can be visited throughout the year, February to October is the prime time to visit the park. Jeep safaris is the only mode of safaris allowed here.

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