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When you are looking for a beach to spend an extravagant beach holiday in Sri Lanka, you can’t overlook the alluring Bentota beach of the southern coast.

Located 45 minute-ride away from Colombo, Bentota is a small beach town that is popular among tourists and locals alike for a holiday with sun, sea, and sand. With azure waters and a golden sandy stretch dotted with swaying palm trees, Bentota beach doesn’t lack charm while the rest of the area itself offers the best of everything pampering you during the ultimate tropical retreat you are after. With so many actions happening, Bentota is a beach for anyone who loves a raving beach holiday in Sri Lanka or a wild water-sport adventure.

With luxury hotel chains, lavish boutique hotels and villas scattered around, the beach promises you a luxury beach getaway just as you imagined. From luxury spas, world-class dining experiences, cool cafes, restaurants, boutique shops to amazing nightlife Bentota Beach has everything you can ask for to keep yourself entertained.

For those who like to try a new challenge, you can always enjoy a new or your favorite watersport. From surfing, diving, snorkeling, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, boogie boarding to banana water rides, you will have all sorts of water-sports there in Bentota to go as wild or mild as you like.

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