Wildlife Photography in Sri Lanka

According to the Collins dictionary, a wildlife photographer is, “someone that specializes in taking photographs of wild animals, especially in their natural habitats, and plants” (Collins English Dictionary, 2015).

Wildlife photography is a type of photography involved with recording different ways of wildlife in their own natural habitat. It needs basic photography skills along with the understanding of fields such as Art, Science & Technology. For an instant there are some animals which are very difficult to capture with their behavior and therefore the photographer has to recognize its movements. Also the photographer should be quick-witted to capture some of the species. 

Most importantly the photographers have to be very vigilant about themselves as well as the environment and its ecosystem. They ought to consistently assist with safeguarding and ensure the nature and its untamed life. Considering the above facts it is necessary to implement a practical and logical model for wildlife photography in Sri Lanka.

Presently nature and wildlife photography and filming has been established as a one of the leading genres of photography and as a recognized profession. Also it’s been a trendy popular hobby among worldwide photographers.

In Sri Lanka there are several locations ideal for wildlife photography. All the National Parks throughout the island are perfect to capture the wildlife movements. One of the best locations is the Minneriya National Park which is also stated as the most visited National Park in the island. The largest Asian elephant gatherings can be witnessed in the park and it is one of the most attractive sceneries you can capture during the session. Also Minneriya National Park has been recognized as one of the important bird zones in Sri Lanka. The Horton Plains National Park, Sinharaja Rain Forest & the Sacred City of Anuradhapura which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage are also few of the ideal locations for wildlife photography. 

There are numbers of photography competitions and distributions with respect to the nature and wildlife photography type from local to worldwide levels. In Sri Lanka, the annual photography exhibition named as “Young Eye on Nature” is the longest running nature and wildlife photography event of the country. The exhibition has been organized by Young zoologists’ Association of Sri Lanka through the last 25 years with the participation of both amateur and professional Sri Lankan photographers (Rodrigo, 2013 ).

However it is essential to implement ethical standards for wildlife photography to avoid unethical practices and it has to get common acceptance among photographers as well. 

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