Jaffna Sri Lanka

With white sand dunes dotted with palmyra trees, rainbow coloured temples and rich and unique history and culture Jaffna is one of the most unique destinations you can enjoy during your Holidays in Sri Lanka.  Jaffna city will unfold the Tamil culture at its finest. The city has become a booming tourist hotspot for cultural explorers.

Location of Jaffna

Located in northern Sri Lanka, Jaffna is the capital of the northern province that attracts tourists all around the world with its unique charm. The city is 7-hour drive away from Colombo and 3 and a half-hour drives away from Anuradhapura.

Tamil Culture

Majority of the population in Jaffna is Sri Lankan Tamils making it an ideal place for cultural explorers to take a deep look into the Sri Lankan Hindu Culture. From colourful temples, unique traditions and rituals, mesmerizing traditional entertainment to its flavorful cuisine, Jaffna will offer you an ample of incredible opportunities at every corner to uncover the essence of the Sri Lanka Hindu culture.

Jaffna Economy

The economy of Jaffna is mainly based on agriculture of the area. Fields of bananas, grapes and many other fruits and vegetables that runs till your eyes can see are a very common sight in Jaffna, that will showcase the local lifestyle of the area. Apart from that fishery and information technology contribute to the economy of Jaffna. Small shops painted in vibrant color and busy markets are common sights that will let you experience the rich hospitality of people in Jaffna.

Traditional Food

To get the full experience of Jaffna, you have to sample the Jaffna cuisine that offers you the flavours of the Indian cuisine with a unique twist. If you are a vegetarian you will find a feast to eat, flavoured with local spices and different oils that usually served in Banana leaves which enhance the flavours even more.

Tour Operators Sri Lanka have various types of Jaffna Tours.

Highlighted excursions of Jaffna
  • Jaffna city tour to witness the clock tower, Jaffna Library and the Duraiappa Stadium
  • Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil
  • Naguleswaram Kovil and the Sacred Water Spring at Keerimalai
  • Dambakola Patuna to visit the Sri Sangamitta Viharaya
  • Jaffna Crab Curry
  • Jaffna Fort
  • Delft Island
  • Nagadeepa Temple
  • Point Pedro

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