Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain forest is a magical ecosystem about 90 kilometers from Galle Fort. It has been recognized as a UNESCO certified biosphere reserve. And has over 220 species of flora and fauna which include over 26 species of endemic birds and 17 species of endemic snakes. Many of these endemic species are only found in the forest reserve. The rivers that flow through Kanneliya are teeming with aquatic life including many endemic freshwater fish species. Because of its immense beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna. Kanneliya Rain Forest is a top choice for trekkers looking to explore Sri Lanka’s wild side.

The usual trekking routes start at the entrance of the rainforest. JourneyScapes provide an English speaking guide to help you to navigate the terrain and spot certain species of animals that would have remained hidden to the untrained eye. The main attractions on the trekking route are Narangas Ella, a splendid waterfall, and the giant Nevada tree that has a small observation deck halfway up its trunk. Wild life tour Sri Lanka program offer you to a Sri Lanka Authentic Holidays experience through the Rain Forest. This Kanneliya Rain Forest gives you to enjoy both wild life and adventure trekking tour experience in Sri Lanka.

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