Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

Adventure Tour Sri Lanka – Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range is situated in central Sri Lanka and occupies large parts of the Kandy and Matale districts. The most common entry points are through Matale and Hunnasgiriya. You’ll find public transport up to the entrance of the park but after that, you will need some sort of transportation to get you to the base of the trekking routes. A few brave souls have attempted this journey on foot and reported that while the views were amazing, they did waste some time trudging towards the trekking paths.

Hardest Treks in Sri Lanka 

Knuckles’ range in Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the hardest treks in the country. It is highly advisable that you only venture into the protected forest reserve with an experienced guide because things can get a little extreme.
As a reputable Travel Agent in Sri Lanka we provide best naturalist guides for a trekking like this. But this is an unforgettable experience for every Adventure Tours Sri Lanka lovers.

The reserve gets its name because one of the main mountain ranges in the reserve is shaped like human knuckles. There are close to around 30 trekking routes, each offering a wonderful glimpse of the magic that the Knuckles Forest Reserve has to offer.

A famous trekking route is the Dothalugala nature trail, which winds and bends around the tallest mountain range in the reserve. The views from the top are some of the best you will see from climbing mountains in Sri Lanka. Some guides and tour operators have special permits to camp within the reserve and it is possible to camp on the peak of the mountain. 

Attractions in Knuckles Mountain Range

Nitro Caves – A huge cave inhabited by hundreds of bats…
Mini Worlds End – A cliff that offers the breathtaking view of below villages
Duwili Ella trail – 40 meters long waterfall hidden in Knuckles forest range
Meemure Village Excursion – a beautiful rural village visited by foreigners and sri lankans for it’s beauty and authenticity.

For your Holidays in Sri Lanka, Trekking in Knuckles Mountain range will give you a memorable experience.

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