Makandawa Rain Forest

Makandawa Rain Forest

Makandawa Rain Forest is a stunning ecosystem near Sri Lanka’s most famous whitewater rafting location, Kithulgala. The forest has an amazing variety of plants and animals and is a famous reserve for bird and butterfly watching. Kelani River, Sri Lanka’s fourth-longest river. Flows throughout the Makandawa Rain Forest and plays an important role in sustaining the variety of life in this forest. During the rainy season, the river takes on a new personality and becomes fierce and unpredictable. So make sure to have an experienced guide with you at all times. Specially if you’re thinking of attempting the white water rapids.

If adrenaline is something that you crave then white water rafting will definitely send your adrenaline glands into overdrive. Kithulgala is one of Asia’s best locations to experience the might of a raging river. Make sure to hire the services of experienced professionals who have an established operation of conducting adventure tours Sri Lanka. When you entrust your Holiday in Sri Lanka with journeyScapes for adventure tours Sri Lanka, JourneyScapes offer a range of tour packages and tailor made holidays Sri Lanka within your budget. JourneyScapes is the one of best adventure tour operating specialist in Sri Lanka known for seamless and customize touring experiences.

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