Sri Lanka the most unique explorers paradise on earth, still under-promised, guaranteed over-delivery

Sri Lanka has gained immense popularity through some of the best journalists and travel writers in tourism generating markets who have visited Sri Lanka with the dawning of peace after war in 2009.Every important journalist who visited here was amazed and surprised of the opportunities to explore and experience from this tropical island great heritage and ancient cities most of them listed in the UNESCO Heritage sites, miles of tea gardens, gifted natural surroundings and landscapes with over 23 wildlife national parks considering Sri Lanka only second to Africa for spotting animals in the wild, different communities and their religious and cultural practices, their beliefs & rituals, the spices which were popular for many years such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, vanilla, pepper – ingredients which make the unique Sri Lankan curries, its exceptionally friendly people and the long beaches in this island have excited all who have visited and returned.

“The World’s most extraordinary places to add to your travel wish list”  – Dream Trips 2016
(Recognises Sri Lanka as one of the Top 10 destinations to visit in 2016)“We want to get there before everyone else discovers it and it changes,” – Susan Eckert, president and founder of AdventureWomen
(10 under-the-radar destinations for 2016)

“The island’s compact size is its main appeal. Exploring its many beaches, temples and tea trails is easy” – 2016 Travel Hot List – BAZAAR
(Sri Lanka is ranked at no. 03)

Collection of new hotels, back road cycling and leopard-spotting land safaris, unexplored diving sites, snorkelling with blue whales and remote surfing –  52 Places to go in 2016 – The New York Times

“this tropical island remains affordable, uncrowded, and relatively unexplored”- The Top 16 Places to Go in 2016 – CONDENAST TRAVELLER (Sri Lanka was positioned at No. 2)

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