With approximately 1600 kilometers/1000 miles of palm-kissed coastline, Sri Lanka is an incredible diving destination. One can even experience shipwrecks concealed in marine life, corals, and a large variety of colorful fish. 

The most popular seasons for diving are during the months of October to May in the west and south-west coast and May to October in the north-east coast. Sri Lanka boasts of many interesting diving areas such as the Barracuda Reef off the coast of Mount Lavinia offering a variety of aquatic life including the lion-fish, stingray, and nudibranch. 
“Taprobane Reef” as written in the book by Authur C. Clarke titled “The Reefs of Taprobane” has a magnificent marine life and large coral cupolas. Goda Gala Diyamba which is situated in close proximity to Unawatuna south of Sri Lanka has an underwater rock creation and one can experience the trevally and Napoleon wrasse here. Apart from marine diving, Sri Lanka is also popular with wreck diving such as the Pecheur Breton, a 65 ft cargo carrier ship, HMS Hermes the aircraft carrier and British Sergeant lies upside down in two halves which sank in Batticaloa in the north-east part of the island, and SS Brennus and SS Sir John Jackson.


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