Reasons Why Package Holidays Are a Better Idea Than DIY Trips

Traveling has never been easier. With a plethora of options at our fingertips, holidaymakers can choose between crafting their own DIY trip or opting for a package holiday. While the allure of customizing every detail of your journey is undeniable, package holidays have stood the test of time for several good reasons. In this post, we delve into the many reasons why package holidays might be a better idea than DIY trips.


Package deals often come with significant discounts. Tour operators have partnerships with hotels, airlines, and other service providers, which allows them to offer competitive prices. On the other hand, sourcing each service individually in a DIY trip can become costly.


Researching every detail of a trip, from accommodation to activities, can be extremely time-consuming. Package holidays eliminate the hours spent on planning, giving you more time to anticipate and enjoy your trip.


There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that professionals have organized your journey. Unexpected hiccups, like flight cancellations or hotel overbookings, are handled by your tour operator, minimizing disruptions to your holiday.

Expert Insight

Many package holidays come with tour guides who offer invaluable local knowledge. They can provide insights, stories, and facts that you might miss out on during a DIY trip.


Reputable tour operators prioritize the safety of their guests. They’re up-to-date with travel advisories, and their packages often include support services in case of emergencies, something that DIY travelers might lack.

Inclusive Experiences

Many package deals offer all-inclusive experiences, meaning meals, drinks, and sometimes even tips are covered. This can be a great way to budget for a holiday without worrying about unexpected costs.

Social Interaction

Package holidays, especially group tours, provide an opportunity to meet fellow travelers. For solo travelers or those looking to make new friends, this is an added benefit.

Less Paperwork and Logistics

Dealing with visa applications, travel insurance, and transportation can be daunting. Tour operators usually streamline these processes, making the prep work a lot easier for travelers.

Access to Exclusive Events or Locations

Some attractions or events might be difficult to access on your own. Tour operators can often provide special access or tickets to these exclusive spots, ensuring you don’t miss out.

Environmental and Local Community Benefits

Many tour operators today emphasize sustainable and responsible tourism. By choosing such a package, travelers can ensure their journey benefits the local community and environment.

In conclusion, while the allure of a DIY trip lies in its flexibility and personalization, package holidays offer convenience, cost benefits, and a wealth of expertise. Depending on your priorities—whether it’s saving money, time, or reducing stress—opting for a package deal might just be the perfect choice for your next getaway.

Why Package Holidays with Journeyscapes Travels Are Unbeatable

While package holidays and DIY trips are at the forefront, the belief in certain myths has unfortunately cast package holidays in a shadow of doubt for some. Here, we debunk these myths with the truth about package holidays, specifically focusing on how partnering with Journeyscapes Travels, a renowned local tour operator in Sri Lanka, can make all the difference.

Truth: With Journeyscapes Travels, you’ll find that while there are fees associated with some services, their partnerships with global travel agents often ensure you receive discounts not available to the general public. The personalized itineraries and on-ground support they provide offer peace of mind that’s invaluable.

Truth: Digital platforms abound, but Journeyscapes Travels combines the best of both worlds. The insights and personal touch of their professional team ensure you don’t miss out on experiences unique to Sri Lanka.

Truth: At Journeyscapes Travels, the focus is solely on your experience. Recommendations are based on quality, customer feedback, and your preferences. Their vast network of global partnerships ensures unbiased, top-tier suggestions.

Truth: The expertise of Journeyscapes Travels transcends the digital. While the market may be flooded with information, their streamlined, personalized service helps you navigate through, ensuring you get the most out of your Sri Lankan adventure.

Truth: Journeyscapes Travels ensures every interaction is with a dedicated professional who understands and anticipates your needs. Their dedication to comprehensive, quality service is something automated online services cannot replicate.

Truth: Journeyscapes Travels defies this myth. We understand and prioritize the financial comfort of our clients. With flexible payment options and transparent agreements, you get a service that’s tailored to your comfort and dreams.

By partnering with Journeyscapes Travels, global travel agents can ensure their clients experience the richness of Sri Lanka without any of the common concerns associated with package holidays. Not only does Journeyscapes provide a depth of local knowledge and connections, but we also bring a level of service and dedication that stands out in the travel industry.

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