Kanneliya Rain Forest

Popularly known as KanneliyaDediyagalaNakiyadeniya or KDN this forest is situated in Galle in the southern part of Sri Lanka The forest complex was designated as a Biospheres Reserve in 2004 by UNESCO and is the last large remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka other than Sinharaja. The rain forest is a major catchment area for two of the most important rivers in southern Sri Lanka namely the Gin and Nilwala Rivers. For hiking enthusiasts, the forest has two main trails. They are the Kabbale mountain trail which takes you up to a summit from where you can enjoy some great panoramic views. The other trail takes you to Narangas Ella which goes deep into the forest passing several points of interest such as the Giant Nevada tree. One is tempted to take a dip in the many clean cool water streams that flow through this forest. It also has its own forest department dormitory at the entrance to the forest or you could stay in Galle and drive to the forest which is less than an hour from Galle. A few private eco-lodges have also opened up close to the forest.

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