Watching Sri Lankan Leopards

Sri Lankan Leopard

Sri Lanka is a paradise blessed with many natural riches. One is WildLife. This country has one of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world. Various kinds of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and fish are found in Sri Lanka.

Out of these all animals the major attraction to locals as well as foreigners is the Sri Lankan Leopard. Watching Sri Lankan Leopards in natural habitat is one of the main tourist activities in Sri Lanka.

Leopard’s rusty yellow-brown mix coat is spotted with black dots. This beautiful animal if 4-5 feet long and its majestic looks will bewitch you. Leopards used to live all around Sri Lanka but now limited only to forests.

Yala National Park has the highest leopard density in Sri Lanka and there are nature guides who can guarantee you leopard sightings. Not only leopards Yala National Park has many other attractions such as herds of deer, sloth bears, elephants, many beautiful birds, etc.

Morning is the best time to view leopards when they come to drink water. It’s the best time to view the sloth bear as well. Leopards rest in high places after eating their prey, often on high rocky surfaces or in a high branch on a tree. 

Always book your safaris, and camping with a reputable eco-minded travel agency that gives experienced travel guides.

Watching Sri Lankan leopards need both patience and distance. If you are anxious and move too quickly to get closer it will scare the leopard off. When you keep the required amount of distance the animal feels confident and may pose too many beautiful wildlife photographers and give unforgettable souvenirs for the lifetime.

Wilpattu National Park is the second-best for leopard sightings. Wilpattu is the largest National Park in Sri Lanka. Just like Yala, Wilpattu has many attractions, lots of deer herds, elephants, sloth bears, birds, etc.

Udawalawe National Park is the third best national park for leopard sightings. Udawalawe National Park is most famous for the herds of elephants. Although leopards live there it’s very hard to see. Many travelers have heard the sounds of the leopards and have seen the footsteps but a very lesser number have seen them. Udawalawe National Park’s thick forests make it hard to spot the leopards.

If you are excited to have a WildLife Tour Sri Lanka or just to have a safari to see the leopard or interested in wild camping do not hesitate to contact us. We have tailor-made packages for your budget. 


If you are a nature lover and are excited to see wild animals in safaris or camping Sri Lanka is the best place.

You have a good chance to spot a leopard in Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park.

But please understand that there are travelers who were not able to view the leopard in safaris. (But others have seen sloth bear, elephants, and water buffaloes)

If you want a guarantee to spot the leopard Journeyscapes can accommodate you with a special program.

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