Hatton is a major town in the Nuwara Eliya District of Central Province, Sri Lanka located approximately 112 km southeast of Colombo. Hatton was founded during the British colonial times in order to serve the coffee plantations and latter tea estates and is well known for Ceylon tea plantations.

Top Attractions in Hatton

Adam’s Peak, (a 7,359 feet high mountain, which is a major Buddhist pilgrimage destination)
Devon Falls (a  318 feet high waterfall)
• Dumbara Cricket Stadium
• Holy Cross Church 
Laxapana Falls (a 413 feet high waterfall)
• Sri Manickapillayar Kovil ( a Hindu temple)
• Maskiliya Reservoirs
• St. Clair’s Falls ( a 260 feet high and 160 feet wide waterfall)
• Shri Nigrodharamaya Buddhist Temple
Singha Malai Tunnel (the longest railway tunnel in Sri Lanka)
• 60 feet bridge (a 60 feet long steel railway bridge)
Sri Muthu Mariyamman Kovil ( a Hindu temple)
• Subramaniam Kovil. (Hindu temple)

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