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Do you ever wish to travel around a place that is pleasurable & historical in Sri Lanka? There is a small coastal town named Koggala which is situated 135 km south of Colombo & 16 km south of Galle. In this popular yet uncrowded city, we have the Koggala beach, which is the longest beach in Sri Lanka. So with the endless pristine sand, you can do all the leisure activities which are sunbathing, surfing, etc.

Turtle hatchery :

Nearby to Koggala beach, there is a Turtle hatchery which was established in 1996. So as explorers you can witness the newborn turtles & how they are being protected & cared for ready them to go to the place where they belong, the ocean. Your kids will be amazed and say “look there are ninja turtles”. That will be a great moment for you & your travel companions.

Koggala lake :

A couple of kilometers away you’ll head to another stunning place which is called Koggala lake which is situated in Koggala lagoon. The lake is dotted with tiny rocky islands, bird-life & supply prawns in abundance. So can you visit these? Of course, you can! The motorboats & catamaran rides will take you through these tiny islands. Also here three islands represent a Buddhist temple, Cinnamon plantation as well as the Ananda spice garden which is well known for herbal wines and other organic items. For Bird Watching in Sri Lanka, Journeyscapes always add this Koggala lake ride.

Martin Wickramasinghe Museum :

Inspired by the ideas of the great author Mr.Martin Wickramasinghe, this museum represents the culture of Sri Lanka. If you’re willing to explore the cultural values of Sri Lanka this place is highly recommended. There you can see religious items, old school fishing tools & industrial tools, agricultural tools & many more. These things are well exhibited & you can access the information in both Sinhala & English languages. For culture buffs, Tour Operators in Sri Lanka always recommend this place.

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