Boat Trip on the Madu River

Boat Trip on the Madu River

The Madu River is a wetland close to the town of “Balapitiya” on the Colombo Galle road. It is the place where the waterway Madu’s estuary is. The water streams over the scene, framing a colossal measure of islands, and the eco-system creates a shocking wetland. The famous boat trip on the Madu River is not something that you should miss.

The Madu Ganga is known as a treasure trove of natural wonders which consists of some of the natural mangrove forests in Sri Lanka. Its wide wetland ecosystem is home to various species of animals and plants. The entire zone spreads over 900 hectares while its majority is secured by water. The area has recognized much importance because of the way that it helps the local ecosystem by putting away new water during the rainy season.

Usually, the boat safari of the Madu River starts at the mouth of the Madu River at Balapitiya and lasts for 1-2 hours. Throughout the boat ride, you will get to see huge mangrove forests, prawn fishing kraals, or ‘ja-kotu’ and various types of animals in their natural habitats. Also, we can witness thick mangrove vegetation on almost all the banks of the river. Do not forget to enjoy the mind-blowing beautiful mangrove thicket as gliding under the canopy of the forest tunnels.

The Cinnamon Industry is the major source of income for the folks living by the Madu River zone. Cinnamon Isle, also called the ‘Kurundu Duwa’ in Sinhala, is one of the main attractions amongst the tourists who experience the Madu Riverboat safari. It is in this part of the country where the world’s high quality and fresh cinnamon is grown.

Also the other most significant activity you can experience during the Madu Riverboat safari is the open-air fish therapy at the end of the boat ride.

Fish massage is quite famous even internationally, especially in East Asian countries. The exclusive feature in this massage is that the fish are held in the water which is their natural setting. A vast area is separated by nets tied between poles; so that it prevents the fish from leaving the area. Other than that, they’re free to move around. The only thing you have to do is, lie on a bench and stick your knees in the water.

Madu Riverboat rides and safaris are probably some of the best activities to do when you are spending a holiday in Sri Lanka, particularly Down South.

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