Climb to Adams Peak

Adam’s Peak, also popularly known as Sri Pada (sacred footstep) and Samanala Kanda (butterfly mountain), is a 7,359 ft tall conical mountain situated in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and consists of 5,500 steps. Trekking up the mountain is extremely popular with both tourists and locals, who are allured by its mystery and captivating beauty. The mountain is sacred to several faiths. The Buddhists believe that the Buddha’s footprint is located here; Hindus believe the footprint belongs to Shiva; Christians and Muslims believe that it is Adam’s first step after being exiled from the Garden of Eden. The mountain is also known for the dazzling sight of thousands of beautiful butterflies. The climb generally takes between 2.5hrs to 4hrs to get to the top depending on fitness. The aim is to be at the top for sunrise which happens at about 6 am. The earlier you reach the top the better. The Peak season is from January to March and the pilgrimage season lasts until around May.

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